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About Us

Appfigures is a Mobile Analytics and Intelligence platform that provides tools and insights for the entire mobile ecosystem, empowering mobile apps and games to thrive. Our focus is on creating powerful, user-friendly tools supported by high data quality standards and the industry's strictest privacy policy.

Our platform offers a diverse range of tracking, intelligence, and optimization tools. These include revenue and subscription analytics, ASO tools, app intelligence, store stats monitoring, review management, and market intelligence.

Founded in 2009, Appfigures is now used by more than 250,000 app makers, marketers, investors, service providers, and analysts, all over the world.

Branding and Guidelines


You may use our logo when mentioning us or when using our data. Please do not alter our logo, add effects, or change its colors.


The proper way to write our name is Appfigures, a a single word with a capital "A". Not appfigures, appFigures, or AppFigures.

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Data Use & Attribution

App Intelligence

Appfigures utilizes state of the art machine learning in order to estimate app downloads and revenue with high accuracy. Unless specified otherwise, revenue is estimates are net, which means the amount the publisher receives after the store takes its fees.

Data Attribution in Coverage

You may use any data we publish public as long as you provide proper attribution.

When used inline, add "data provided by Appfigures". When used as a reference, add "Source: Appfigures Mobile Intelligence".

When used online, make sure to link Appfigures to