Going for gold!

Ariel Ariel

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After delays and controversy, the Olympic games finally kicked off in Japan last Friday.

Are people interested in watching the games? Let's have a look at how many new mobile viewers the games have drawn this week by downloads.

Downloads of NBC Sports and Peacock

NBC Universal is the official broadcaster of the games here in the U.S., and the NBC Sports app is where you'll be able to get the best coverage for the Olympics. But, NBC Sports requires a subscription (through the app or by having old school cable), which could explain why downloads aren't higher. NBC thought of that and saw another opportunity.

Peacock, which is owned by NBC, has a lot of content related to the Olympics available for free. It's not live or 100% comprehensive, but it'll give you the Olympic fix, for sure.

Both apps enjoyed a multiplier on downloads. NBC Sports, which gets a little under 3,000 downloads a day based on our estimates, climbed to a peak of 49K on Sunday, its highest peak of the year. Peacock, which has been on a nice up-and-to-the-right path, has seen downloads top 120K on the same day, up from around 50K in the previous few weeks. Both are still trending higher than average and will likely remain that way until the events end next week.

By the way, here's an interesting forecast of medal count by country from FiveThirtyEight. In case you're into this sort of science.

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