Googling in the Browser is So 2021...

Ariel Ariel

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Amid all the chaos, shortages, and market volatility, I found a rather simple trend that's still interesting.

Search giant, which I should really refer to as the search engine because no one uses any of the others, Google, is seeing downloads of its iOS app grow at an impressive rate.

Impressive, considering it's the search engine -everyone has in their browser!_

Just how many downloads are we talking?

1.9 million downloads in the last week, according to our estimates! It's an increase of 40% over January's weekly download average, and a whopping increase of 109% over downloads in 2020.

Google's app goes much deeper than what's available via the browser, but always felt like a power feature and not something many need. Yet, these downloads and that growth might mean it's more mainstream than expected.

The takeaway here is that even Google can grow its downloads. You should be too.

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