High Gas Prices Lead to... Lots of Downloads

Ariel Ariel

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Everyone is talking about the high gas prices here in the US, and with good reason. Prices have gone up so much they're now around $5 across much of the country. I remember when it was a dollar...

Demand for two apps that help with this has been rising this week.

Those two apps include GasBuddy, a crowdsourced service where drivers report gas prices in different stations so you can find the cheapest option, and Upside, a service that offers cash back on gas.

Although they're different, the two end up doing the same thing - saving you money on gas, and that's what people want these days.

How many people? According to our estimates, combined downloads of the pair rose more than 3x in April, hitting an average of nearly 200 thousand downloads a day over the last few days. They averaged just 60 thousand in early April, in case you're comparing. And while we're at it, the daily average in January was about half of that.

Things are weird right now in many ways, which means there are, and will be, more opportunities for many apps. The key is that you have to be ready for when the opportunity comes.

Is your app ready?

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