This Plant Finder App is Crushing It Right Now!

Ariel Ariel
1 minute read Jun. 10

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I look at the top charts quite often, as you would expect, and lately, I've been seeing a lot more of one app I really didn't think would be that popular but is.

PictureThis identifies plants using your phone's camera. I can see the use for such an app, but given its popularity, I just had to look up its revenue. And I'm glad I looked!

According to our estimates, PictureThis ended May with more than $13 million of net revenue from the App Store and Google Play. Looking at the trend, it's clear that May kicks off the hot season for PictureThis, and that revenue is pretty seasonal. This season is doing better than ever before.

Compared to May of 2020, revenue is up 270%. The competition is barely showing single-digit growth...

PictureThis isn't the only plant identifier app out there, but as you can see in the chart, its competitors aren't even remotely close. PictureThis beats its closest competitors on current revenue and also revenue growth over the last few years.

Why PictureThis? It's not a difference in pricing. All three cost a similar amount. The next item to check is how well each app converts downloads into revenue.

We can get a rough proxy for how well that app converts by dividing revenue by downloads. Over a long enough period, this gives insightful results. And this is where we see the difference.

  • PictureThis: $6.68
  • PlantIn: $3.71
  • Blossom: $2.25
  • NatureID: $2.05

Clearly, PictureThis is doing something different. According to our ad intelligence, PictureThis is also advertising heavily in the App Store with Apple Search Ads and out of the App Store on various networks, giving it a significant advantage in terms of downloads.

Lots of downloads + a higher revenue-per-download give PictureThis the upper hand here. Do you know the RpD of your competitors? This is a good time to mention we offer App Intelligence that's super easy to access.

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