In-Game Spending in the US Grew in July - Here are the Highest Earning Games

Ariel Ariel
Aug. 5

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This week I also ranked the highest earning games in the US in July. Judging by the big drop in downloads, I expected a drop in revenue, but the numbers really surprised me.

Let's start in reverse. The top 10 highest earning games in the US in July raked in $421 million in net revenue, according to our estimates. That's a little more than 6% higher than July. A big difference!

Candy Drush was the highest earning game in the US, bringing in more than $129 million in net revenue, roughly $184 million gross, from the App Store and Google Play, according to our estimates.

Candy Crush is on fire these days. It set a new record for itself and for our ranking a few months ago and continues to break that record monthly. It's hard to beat a well-known name.

Roblox was a distant second in the race, earning less than half. $60 million in net revenue. And keep in mind, net means after Apple and Google take their 30% chunk.

Pokemon GO, Coin Master, and Bingo Blitz round up the top 5.

If you're comparing this list to June's you'll notice there are quite a few replacements, meaning the highest earning games aren't stagnant. That's good news. The names aren't that new though, so it's not easy. But success isn't impossible.

This is a small portion of a broader trend I'm seeing here, and that's rising revenue. Is it possible the lack of silly games, the kind ATT made harder to push, is getting users to focus their in-game spending?

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