Twitter's App Revenue Grew in October, But...

Ariel Ariel
Nov. 4

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October is behind us, which means it's time to take a look at Twitter's in-app revenue. This month is a bit special - it's the last in the pre-Elon era. I hope that also means November will see a big increase in revenue because October wasn't great.

More on what I expect to come after we talk numbers.

Twitter app revenue

We estimate that net revenue grew to $580K in October, a bump of roughly 7% compared to September. And net means what Twitter gets to keep after paying Apple and Google their fees.

That's good news for Twitter because last month the total went down for the first time ever. So that's not a trend, and that's good. But it's also not good because it's a really tiny increase. Snapchat+ did that in under a day with its no-longer-new in-app purchase which isn't even all that exciting.

I've been talking about how unexciting Twitter's paid offering is and how they aren't incentivizing creators for about a year now, and not much has changed.


Everything changed this week as Iron Man took over Twitter, and I expect this total to change drastically as a result. It might be wishful thinking, but Elon Musk has a track record of taking things and making them bestest in a way no one else has, and I see that happening with Twitter as well.

I've been on Twitter for over 13 years and seen it evolve in different ways under different chiefs. The evolution it needs now is to its business model, and I think Elon and Jason can do it. The foundation is there, the audience is there, the tools are lacking.

I'm bullish on Twitter under Elon and am looking forward to seeing how it'll evolve.

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