Peacock & Paramount+ Doubled Monthly Revenue in the Last 12 Months

Ariel Ariel

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Did you think the streaming race is over? That HBO Max and Disney+ won while the others flail?

You'd think that if you haven't been reading for a while because that's what it looked like last year.

But that's not the case anymore.

Yes, HBO Max continues to lead the race with Disney+ somewhat behind it, but Peacock and Paramount+ are making a serious run for it.

The pair grew its subscription revenue from the App Store by nearly double in the last 12 months, and the trend is very positive.

According to our estimates, Peacock and Paramount+ started 2022 with $6M and $7M of net revenue in January, respectively. HBO Max and Disney+ started 2022 with about 10x that, each.

Not even close!

But exclusive shows and moves combined with sports elevated both in 2022.

In February, Peacock's App Store net revenue, meaning what NBC gets to keep after paying Apple its fees, grew to $18M. A 2x increase in a little over a year. Paramount's App Store net revenue rose to $17M on February, an increase of 143% from January of 2022.

While still far, these get much closer to the bigs, who also grew, but not by that much. HBO Max grew to $56M and Disney+ to $66M, in February, according to our estimates.

Peacock and Paramount have both been hard at work on exclusives, which is how they both grew so much. It reminds me a lot of how HBO Max and Disney+ were back in 2021. I haven't seen that much new from both in 2022 or in 2023 so I expect Peacock and Paramount+ to continue to catch up this year.

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