The Summer Rush Resulted in a 67% Increase in Downloads for Netflix's Games

Ariel Ariel

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Netflix is primarily known for its streaming service, but a few years ago, Netflix got into the mobile game space. It started with a handful of games, but as of this summer, Netflix had 75 games available for download on the App Store in Google Play!

In July and August, downloads grew 67% vs. pre-summer, thanks to the summer rush and to new titles rolling out.

Let's have a look at the numbers.

Netflix currently has 75 games on the App Store and Google Play right now with versions for the App Store and Google Play. Of those, 12 were released this summer (between June and September).

According to our estimates, all of Netflix's games saw 3.6M downloads in August from the App Store and Google Play. That's a bit less than July's 3.9M haul, but that's consistent with the entire category.

So far in 2023, the games saw a total of 22.7M downloads, according to our estimates.

THTH: Love Is a Game NETFLIX, SpongeBob: Get Cooking, and Bloons TD 6 NETFLIX were the most downloaded games this year. All adding more than a million downloads to that total. 5 titles earned more than a million downloads and 34 between 100K and 1M.

But... And there's a but.

The recent increase came after months of stagnation. The games were still getting millions of downloads before the summer, but overall those downloads were fairly flat.

Netflix can promote its games, and it does that right in the app everyone knows, but when you look at every new Netflix game, you'll see the same pattern - lots of downloads for a few weeks which then drop sharply and stay low for a while. That means something is missing.

I'm sure Netflix will figure it out. Until they do, they own enough IP to continue rolling out new titles.

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