October Delivers for TikTok and YouTube - The Highest Earning Apps in the World

Ariel Ariel

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I crunched the numbers and ranked the highest-earning apps in the world, and let me just tell you, October scored big for the top players!

TikTok was the highest-earning app in the world in October. We estimate TikTok earned $177M of net revenue for the month across the App Store and Google Play, and including the international and China-only versions.

YouTube took second place with $109M, a 10% increase when compared to September.

Tinder, Disney+, and Max round out the top 5 highest-earners in the world in October, which happens to be the same set and the same ranks as September.

I expect Disney+ to rise up the ranks when it merges with Hulu, ranked 9th in this list with $33M of net revenue in October.

Much like games, China-only apps are making their way up the ranks as well. On the App Store, Tencent Video and iQIYI - two video apps - have earned a combined $55M in net revenue, with (Tencent Video) also making it into the combined list.

And one more, Duolingo finally made the list. The language learning app has seen revenue grow drastically in the last few months, enough to bring it into the rankings in October.

According to our App Intelligence, the top 10 highest-earning apps in the world saw $680M of net revenue - which is what the publishers keep after store fees - in October from the App Store and Google Play. A decent increase of 9% when compared to September.

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