TikTok's Other Other App, Lemon8, Double!

Ariel Ariel
May. 3

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Last week I looked at TikTok's other app - Capcut - as the talk of TikTok getting banned in the US intensify and CapCut will go with it if (or when) that happens.

But, did you know TikTok has another other app that's somewhat popular in the App Store? That's Lemon8, a social network that merges Pinterest and Instagram where influencers ...

Many don't associate Lemon8 with TikTok because it isn't published by ByteDance, TikTok's owner, but instead through another company it holds.

So, how popular is Lemon8? For starters, it's currently ranked #39 in the US App Store across all apps and games (see for yourself), and has been roaming around the same rank for the last few months.

In terms of downloads, our App Intelligence shows Lemon8 ended April with 1.9M downloads and a similar number for March. The last six or so months have been great for Lemon8's downloads after a slow and steady rollout.

Our estimates show Thailand and Japan have brought the most downloads for Lemon8 since launch with 9.3M and 9.2M downloads, respectively. Vietnam and the US are tied with 6.9M estimated downloads each.

What's interesting is that both leaders show the same trend - downloads across both platforms are pretty even. None of the other countries are like that. Balanced downloads tend to mean heavy ad spend, so not seeing this in the US could explain why it isn't in the lead.

In total, Lemon8 was downloaded 37 million times from the App Store and Google Play, according to our estimates. I expect to see more of Lemon8 as it finds its way in the US. That is, if it gets to stay.

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