Burger King Steps Up and the Downloads Follow

Ariel Michaeli Ariel Michaeli

Burger King has really stepped up over the last few weeks. Stores are staying open later and offering free shipping, management is giving bonuses to employees, and are even giving free kids meals.

Loking at downloads on the App Store and Google Play, it's working!

For the first time in a long time, the King has taken over its rival McDonald's in downloads on the App Store and Google Play in the US, a dance they've been dancing for years with little success.

So far this year, McDonald's was downloaded more than 25K times in the App Store in the US. In comparison, Burger King's app averaged 10K downloads per day, less than half.

But that's all changed now. In fact, the numbers now have nearly flipped. Burger King is has gotten close to 30K downloads a day on the App Store alone, while McDonald's dipped by more than 30%.

While the scale is slightly smaller, downloads on Google Play follow an almost identical trend. Earlier this year, Burger King averaged 5K downloads per day while McDonald's averaged more than triple that.

The trend here follows as well, with Burger King's daily downloads quadrupling as McDonald's downloads drop by nearly 50% over just a few days.

Be it the free delivery, the longer hours, or the cheeky tweets, what Burger King is doing has a direct impact on downloads. Will McDonald's follow suit, and if they do, will they regain the lost momentum? Only time will tell.

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