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Connecting to Adobe's Marketing Cloud

Adobe's Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool for business intelligence. Connecting your Appfigures account to the Adobe Marketing Cloud will push your app sales and downloads, ranks, and reviews (all metrics) automatically into your dashboards.

To link up your Appfigures account you'll first have to set up one or more integration keys. Integration keys are how you link one or more apps to a reporting suite. A single integration key can be set up for one, some, or all apps in your account and be connected to one reporting suite. There is no limit on the number of integration keys you can make.

Enable the add-on

  1. Head to Account settings > Add-ons > Adobe Marketing Cloud
  2. Click the Enable button at the top of the page.
The Grow plan is required for this add-on.
Contact us to learn more about the Grow plan or to upgrade your account.

Create a key

  1. Click the Create key button. A popup with options will open.
  2. Select which apps this integration key will include:
    1. All apps in this account - select this option to include all existing apps as well as any new apps that you add to your account
    2. Some apps - select this option to set a specific set of apps. Once you select this option an app picker will appear and allow you to select the apps to include. Open the picker by clicking on the app and highlight all of the apps you want to included. When you've selected all of them, click the select button at the bottom of the list.
  3. Click Create to generate the key. Once the key is created it will be displayed. Copy the key by clicking the Copy button so it's ready for the next step.
  4. Head over to your Adobe Marketing Cloud account and follow these instructions to complete the integration.

If you're stuck or need help getting set up don't hesitate to get in touch.