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Mastering Top Apps

The Top Apps report show the current top charts for a selected app store, country, and category. All major app stores are supported, and all charts update hourly.

Set up a list by clicking the "+ Add List" button. We have a few shortcuts for commonly used lists. If you're interested in one of those simply click on them and the list will appear.

If you're looking for anything else click on "Custom".

  1. Select the app store
  2. Select a country
  3. Select a category (and subcategory, if applicable)

Tada! Your list should now be ready. By default, the list will be for paid apps. You can easily change to either Free or Grossing at the top of the list.

You can easily modify the list by clicking on the header part that you'd like to change. All three components (App store, country, and category) can be changed at any time.

Tip: Use Pinned Views to predefine as many lists as you'd like.