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How are App Bundles tracked?

App Bundles are an iOS App Store marketing feature that lets developers package multiple apps together for a lower price. App Bundles behave much like apps in how they are tracked on Appfigures and even have independent reviews and ranks.

Available metrics:

App Bundle downloads and revenue

Each App Bundle is treated as product and gets the full range of metrics that apps get. This includes: downloads, revenue, returns, gifts, promos, educational downloads, and re-downloads.

App Bundle downloads are not added to the downloads of the component apps.

Tip: To see total downloads for an app that's also sold in an App Bundle, we suggest selecting both the app as well as any App Bundle the app is available in when running reports.

Bundle Completions (CMBs)

A bundle completion occurs when a user that has already purchased an app that's also available in an App Bundle downloads the entire bundle. Because the App Bundle is sold at a discounted rate, several things are recorded for each bundle completion:

  1. A download for the App Bundle (at the App Bundle's full price).
  2. A return for each of the apps that the user already owned before downloading the App Bundle.
Important: While iTunes Connect subtracts CMBs from downloads, we do not. We keep track of all downloads because a CMB doesn't mean there was no download but rather that the account for it is a bit different. That part we handle separately.


Hourly ranks are tracked for all App Bundles in all countries and categories.


Reviews are tracked for all App Bundles from all countries.