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Getting Public Data API credits

The Public Data API works by charging one (or more) credits for every request you make. Credits are pre-purchased in packages, and never expire.

If you're looking for a few test credits contact us.


Start by going into the Public Data API add-on's settings page. There you'll see your recent usage and how many credits you have available. Click on Add More to open the list of available packages. We have a few that get progressively more cost efficient (per request) as you purchase more.

Select the package, your method of payment, and click on Add Credits.


For mission-critical applications, or if you'd rather not be bothered with adding more credits, you can use the Auto Recharge feature, also available in the add-on's settings page.

First, enable Auto Recharge, then select the number of credits you want to add and the threshold at which to get the credits. There are a few packages and a few thresholds to choose from.