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Comparing Appfigures and App Store Connect (previously iTunes Connect)

Appfigures imports data directly from Apple, so your downloads and revenue numbers are 100% accurate.

Although the data we get from Apple is 100% accurate, App Store Connect has several different reports and report options that could make the data look different when compared.

Using the correct report and report settings, all numbers will match.

  1. When comparing, you should use the Sales and Trends report in App Store Connect, and not the Analytics report. The Sales and Trends report includes data from all of your users and devices, while the Analytics report doesn't include data from some older devices and from users that have chosen to opt-out of analytics.

    For example, App Analytics excludes desktop downloads which is how Educational downloads and Business downloads are reported by Apple. If you have these downloads, they will not be available through App Analytics and only through Sales and Trends.

    Redownloads through App Analytics are also limited based on the device information so this dashboard will not report on the full number of redownloads. Looking at Sales and Trends will provide info on all redownloads for the app(s). We use Sales and Trends Reports with Appfigures.

  2. The Sales and Trends report has two time zone modes: UTC and PST. Apple's raw reports, the ones we import into your Appfigures account, are provided in PST format. When comparing, make sure to select PST at the top of your Sales and Trends report within App Store Connect.

Using the Sales and Trends report and the PST time zone option, your numbers should align perfectly. If they don't however, please let us know.