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App Permissions

Explorer enables you to identify apps by the permissions they require (ex. access to the user's location, contacts, etc), and also lets you see the full set of permissions and capabilities for every app.

How it works

We run every iOS and Android app through an analysis process that extracts a list containing every permission and capability the app requires. We automatically keep track of all types, those defined by the stores (location, contacts, etc.) as well as custom app-to-app ones defined by the developer.

Every time an app is updated we analyze it again so searches run on the most up-to-date data and returns the most accurate results.

Available permissions

Explorer's robust automatic tracking can identify every permission an app uses, even ones that are brand new. Currently there are 120+ store permissions (ex. location/GPS, bluetooth, contacts, etc.) and 5,000+ custom permissions and app-to-app permissions.

Update frequency

We keep a close watch on app stores and detect new app releases and app updates as soon as they happen. When we see a new app or update we analyze it right away. Between new releases and updates, we analyze roughly 50,000 iOS and Android apps every week.