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Setting up your Appfigures account

Welcome aboard! You're just one step away from having all of your most important app data in a single platform.

How Appfigures Works

Appfigures connects to app stores and other services you use to get accurate download and revenue data, app store performance, reviews, usage, and more.

We can track apps available on the following stores: iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Mac App Store, Windows Store, and Steam. We also integrate with all leading ad networks to track revenue and campaigns, and major in-app analytics services so you have access to active users, sessions, and other important usage metrics.

See all available integrations

Because we connect to those directly you don't have to install anything into your app and can get started right away! As soon as you link your app you'll be able to see current as well as historic data.

We pull in a variety of data sets for so you can connect the dots and make smarter decisions:

  1. Downloads & Sales - downloads, updates, re-downloads, uninstalls, refunds, and more.
  2. Subscriptions - MRR, churn, and more.
  3. Total revenue - App and in-app purchases, recurring subscriptions revenue, and ad revenue.
  4. Store performance -top-charts, hourly ranks, where apps are featured.
  5. Reviews - read and respond to reviews from all countries and languages.
  6. Ad spending - cost and campaign performance and conversion.

Better Insights Through Mixing & Matching

Whether it's how much to spend on advertising, where sales are coming from, or measuring the impact of responding to reviews, having all possible data points means smarter decisions.

Linking Your Apps

Everything starts when you link your developer accounts. Select the type of account you want to link in the Getting Started page and enter your username and password for the account. We'll verify the credentials with the store, securely, and then proceed to import all available data in the background. When it's done we'll send you an email.

While that's happening you can link more apps or services from the same page. Link your developer accounts, ad networks, and in-app analytics and within minutes you'll have everything you need to visualize how your app is doing.

Spy On Your Competitors

Appfigures collects public data about all apps from all major app stores throughout the day. Public data includes top charts, hourly ranks, reviews, and where apps are featured.

With your Appfigures account you can see those for any app!

100% Private

We adhere to a simple and strict privacy policy and don't sell or share your data with anyone. We firmly believe your private data should remain private and only available to you and no one else!