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Showing a login from a computer in NYC. Why is that?

This is perfectly normal if the IP address associated with the login is

We use a sophisticated automated data importing system to bring in reports from your Google Play Developer Console. Because Google does not offer a direct API for all of the data we need to fully automate the process, we've built our own process to do that. This process emulates a browser to sync reports securely and automatically without ever exposing your credentials.

This process is completely automated, secure, and is only used to sync data reports from your Google Developer Console. No other areas of your Google account (like your Gmail account) are ever accessed.

Even though this is a perfectly normal and secure process, in some cases it triggers Google's anti-fraud measures when syncing for the first time, particularly for Google accounts based outside of New York and the United States. This should only happen once. As we continue to sync your account Google learns and will not alert you again.