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The Overview Report Simplified

Handling an app portfolio is a demanding task. Keeping an eye on your download and revenue trends, assessing user sentiment and replying to reviews, and optimizing your KPIs, requires looking at a lot of different sets of data.

To simplify all of it we introduced the Overview report. A single dashboard that showcases all the highlights (and sometimes actions) you need to monitor your app portfolio.

The Widgets

We built the Overview report to answer questions you have about your apps across different datasets, from revenue to reviews and usage. To make the answers as helpful as possible we created a variety of widgets, and will show you the ones that are the most relevant.

For example, if any of your apps sell subscriptions the Overview report will include a subscription widget showing important metrics like MRR and Churn. If you do not work with subscriptions, we will not show that widget at all.

Important note:The trend line (dotted line) in the below graphs will define the prior period numbers.
  • KPIs - A snapshot and trends for the top level metrics for your apps. This is a dynamic list that will include the first five relevant metrics from the sales, revenue, ad spend, usage, ad revenue, subscriptions, or ratings report.
  • Downloads by Country - The top 6 countries where your apps were downloaded the most in percentages.
  • Top Apps - Your top 5 apps, reporting on Revenue, Downloads, New Ratings, and Avg. Rating and Active Subscriptions (when possible). You can select which metric to sort the list by by clicking on its name.


  • Revenue by Product - Your top 4 returning the most revenue. You can hover over the graph for a daily breakdown of each app.
  • Revenue by Ad Network - Your top 4 best performing Ad networks, by network. Moving to hover over the graph will report a breakdown by day and app.
  • Subscriptions Performance - All subscriptions would be combined, with metrics reporting for MRR, Active Subscriptions, Churn, and Activations.
  • Revenue by Country - The top 6 countries which the highest share of revenue, broken down by country.


  • Reviews - Your 25 latest reviews. You can filter this list by positive/negative ratings, you can translate reviews, and reply to reviews right away.
  • Ratings - The top 4 apps with the newest ratings to report.


  • Usage -All products selected for the dashboard would combine in this report to return all metrics. If multiple usage accounts are linked, you can switch between those available (Apple Analytics, Google Analytics, and Flurry Analytics).
  • Demographics - (coming soon)


  • Ranks - (coming soon)
  • Featured - A list of apps that are currently featured on the store along with with the number of features.

Any suggestions for widgets? Let us know