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How Google's Active Subscriptions, Activations, and Cancellations Numbers are Calculated

Our Subscriptions report provides a ton of metric information, specific to each store. To make the report as easy as possible to dive into, we'll walk you through how we calculate Active Subscriptions, Activations, and Cancellations based on Google's reporting as best as possible.

Active Subscriptions

The number of subscriptions that are active at the end of the period.


Active subscriptions = active subscriptions from the previous day + activations from the current day - cancellations from the current day


For this example we'll calculation active subscriptions for May 1st. You will take the active subscriptions on April 30th and then add in activations for the current day, May 1st. And lastly, subtract the cancellations reported on May 1st.

  • Active Subscriptions (April 30th) = 2,001
  • Activations (May 1st) = 27
  • Cancellations (May 1st) = 5

Active Subscriptions = 2,001 + 27 - 5 = 2,023


The number of subscriptions that have been activated during the period.


Activations = new subscriptions

For Google, Activations and New Subscriptions cover trial activations and new purchases. Trial activations and new purchases are not available as individual breakdowns - Google combines them all under 'new subscriptions'.


New Subscriptions =

  • Trial Activations = 4
  • New Purchases = 15

Activations = 4 + 15 = 19


Any subscription not renewed directly by the customer.


Cancellations = cancelled subscriptions


Google combines cancellations of subscriptions and trials into one metric, Cancellations.

Cancellations =

  • Cancelled subscriptions = 18
  • Trial cancellations = 3

Cancellations = 18 + 3 = 21

Note: Based on time zone differences, Google's active subscription total can differ slightly day to day when calculating with activations and cancellations.