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Keyword Insights & App Intelligence for App Store Optimization

Effective optimization requires accurate data and deep insights that go beyond what’s available in the store.

Appfigures provides accurate and actionable data, some of which is collected directly from the store and other is proprietary, which you can rely on to make informed decisions quickly.

Here’s a list of all of the metrics you’ll find throughout our ASO reports, what they mean, and where they come from.

Keyword Rank - Where the app is positioned when searching for the keyword. This data updates every hour.

Category Rank - Where the app is positioned when viewing the category list. This data updates every hour.

Keyword Popularity - A measure of how many times the app is searched for, on a scale of 5 - 100, in the store that uses data from Apple Search Ads in combination with other information we collect. Only mobile data is used to calculate this number.

Keyword Competitiveness - A measure of how strong the current top results are for a keyword, on a scale of 1 - 100. This is generated using a proprietary algorithm that considers the metrics that are directly related to ASO for the top 10 results including keyword density, category rank, ratings, and other factors.

Keyword Density - The number of times a keyword is present in the name, subtitle, or description of an app. Apple and Google handle density a bit differently, but the rule of thumb is that the keyword should be present in as many places as possible to help improve ASO.

Estimated Daily Downloads - An estimate of the total number of downloads the app gets in an average day. We calculate this using a sophisticated algorithm developed in-house.

User Acquisition - Whether we've seen ads for the app through on of the paid ad networks we monitor (Google Ads, Unity, Applovin, Chartboost, ironSource). Facebook and Apple Search Ads integrations are coming soon.

Last Update - The last time the app was updated in the store. It's known that apps that update more frequently rank better.

App’s Age - The relative amount of time since the app was released. Apps that have been around for longer tend to do better, but that's only a tiny factor in an app's ASO mix.