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How Does Discover (ASO Tool) Work?

Discover lets you see keywords where your app is currently ranked that you may not be aware of or tracking ranks for.

It's a very convenient way to learn about your app's search performance quickly, and also to stay on top of new keywords you're ranking for before you track them.

Even better—Discover is completely automatic. We scan Apple's and Google's search results every day using our ever growing list of keywords and when we see your app in any of those results we immediately add them to your Discover report.

How to Use Discover in your ASO Strategy

Being able to see where Apple and Google are ranking your app gives you a glimpse into whether your current keyword strategy is working, or if it isn't why. It allows you see long-tail keywords that you may have not thought about, and alternative keywords that you may have not even be optimizing for.

Use this intelligence to:

  1. Track the keywords that have a high popularity and see how your rank changes over time.
  2. If you're not actively optimizing for those keywords start using them in your next update, providing they're within reach.

Important: Your app may be ranked in more keywords that Discover lists. This is due to the how keyword tracking works. Because there's no "master list" of keyword and keyword combinations we track ranks by searching for each keyword individually, every hour, and saving the results. This means that our reach is as wide as the list of keywords we're tracking. This list grows every day, so with time your Discover results may grow as well.