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User Roles in Appfigures

With Appfigures your entire team can access analytics, optimization, and app intelligence individually. When you invite a new user to access your account you can choose their role.

Here are all the features each role can access:

Feature Viewer Admin Owner
Access to Analytics reports
Access to ASO reports
Access to Competitor reports
Reply to reviews *
Create & manage email reports **
Create & manage alerts **
Grant permission to reply to reviews *
Track competitors ***
Connect new accounts
Activate add-ons
Manage users
Share data with other accounts
Create API keys
Change billing information
View invoices
Change plans
Close account

* Replying to reviews requires permission from the account's owner or an admin that has been granted permission to reply to reviews by the owner.

** Viewers can set up email reports and for their own email only, and cannot see email reports or alerts set up by other users.

*** Requires having access to all account apps.

Limiting App Access

In addition to features, users can be set up to only have access to some apps in the account. You can select those when inviting the user.

As an Admin with limited app access, the admin may not see all information in the management pages such as Linked Accounts or Ad Unit Matching pages.

Billing Recipients

By default, invoices and other billing emails go to the account's owner. You can add additional recipients, which don't have to be connected to the account, by going into Account settings → Invoices