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How Much Does it Cost to Use the Appfigures API

The Appfigures API offers programmatic access to a wealth of data, from app performance to store performance and metadata.

Everyone with an Appfigures account can use the API to access data on apps they track for free. The same data that’s available in their Appfigures reports will also be available through the API.

There are several use-cases that are not free:

App Lookup and Getting Data for Apps You're Not Tracking

The Appfigures API provides access to all apps, including a powerful search for apps by metadata. With it you can find apps, get their ratings and ranks, see where they’re featured, read their reviews, and much more.

Accessing data for apps that aren’t tracked in your account is billed with credits, where every request costs one or more credits and credits are purchased in packages.

If a request requires credits and you don’t have any in your account you will get a response that specifies that credits are necessary and how many.

You can purchase credit packages for as low as $0.01/credit by enabling the Public Data API Add-on. There you can also set up automatic addition of credits.

Reply to Reviews

Replying to App Store and Google Play reviews programmatically requires an add-on that’s available on the Grow plan.

Contact us to enable programmatic reply to reviews functionality.

More than 1,000 Requests/Day

By default, all accounts can make up to 1,000 requests to the API in a given day. You can increase this limit by going into Account settings -> API and selecting a limit that suits your needs.

Data Processors and Resellers

The Appfigures API can be used by any member internally, but to use it to resell App Store data you’ll need a partnership agreement.

Contact us to learn more about using the Appfigures API commercially.