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All the business intelligence you need to succeed on the app store. No SDK required.

Comprehensive reports

Track everything that matters in one place

  • Sales & Downloads
  • Reviews
  • Ranks
  • Usage
  • Revenue
  • Ad Monetization
  • Top Apps
  • Featured Placements
  • Payments

Check up on your apps on the go

Our iPhone app makes the figures you care about most available wherever you are . At a glance and in depth.
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Get alerts to Slack and Email

Alerts will let you know when new reviews appear on the store for any of your app across all major stores and all countries.

Built-in filters for keywords, stars, and countries let you customize the kind of reviews you'd like to be alerted about.

Share your reviews with ease

Share your reviews with beautiful Cards that take on the look of your app. Every Card has a unique link and comes built in with automatic translation and analytics.

Loaded with convenience

Intuitive features that turn raw data into actionable insights

  • Daily and weekly summary email reports
  • Get your team involved with secure sub user access
  • Read app store reviews in your language
  • Export reports into a variety of formats
  • Save custom reports quickly with Pinned Views
  • Automatic data importing that just works
  • Enhance your account with powerful Add-ons
  • Extend your reports with dashboard integrations
  • Dig in with flexible reports and overlays
  • Get a complete picture with custom event tracking
  • View reports in the currency of your choice
  • Share data with 3rd parties securely

Powerful API

Integrate your app store data directly into your application with the appFigures API. Access app stores sales, ranks, reviews, and more programatically with just a few lines of code.

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Connected directly. No new SDK required!

appFigures connects to all major app stores, ad networks, and in-app analytics providers.

  • iOS App Store iOS App Store
  • Google Play Google Play
  • Amazon Appstore Amazon Appstore
  • Windows Phone Windows
  • iAd iAd
  • AdMob AdMob
  • Chartboost Chartboost
  • Facebook Audience Facebook Audience
  • AdColony AdColony
  • RevMob RevMob
  • Vungle Vungle
  • AppLovin AppLovin

We keep your private data private!

We believe your private data belongs to you and no one else. That's why we don't sell or share any of it! Your private data is for your eyes only.

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Hundreds of thousands of happy members

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  • eBay tracks with appFigures
  • Evernote tracks with appFigures
  • AIG tracks with appFigures
  • Square tracks with appFigures
  • Epic Games tracks with appFigures
  • H&R Block tracks with appFigures
  • PBS tracks with appFigures

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