Everything You Need To Know About Apps, Publishers, and SDKs

Explore actionable insights. From app performance and audience demographics to SDKs and ad intelligence.

App Performance

Identify and analyze apps by their store performance. From ranks and ratings to downloads and revenue, Explorer's performance metircs give you everything you need to size up apps.

Downloads & Revenue

See how successful apps are with the most accurate download and revenue estimates.

Rank Momentum

Spot trending apps by their store performance with filters for speed, country, and category.

App Ratings

Focus your searches by how well apps are rated and how many ratings they have.

Chart Positions

Zoom in on the apps that matter by how well they're ranked, by country and category.

Audience Demographics

Get to know the user-base of apps to uncover trends and improve your targeting with gender and age demographics.

Age Distribution

See a breakdown of an app's audience by age group.

Audience Gender

Understand the gender breakdown of an app's audience.

SDK Intelligence

We run every iOS and Android app through a proprietary scan that identifies the SDKs they have installed and the permissions they require. View all the SDKs we track →

Installed SDK

Get the most accurate and up to date list of SDKs apps currently use, or have used in the past.


Find out which permissions apps need in order to run. From location and camera to custom permissions.

Ad Intelligence

Learn how apps are acquiring new users, which ad networks they leverage, and see the creatives they use for all of their campaigns.

Who's advertising and where

See which apps are advertising, through which networks and exchanges, and how frequently.

Creatives gallery

See every banner and video apps use to acquire users to learn and improve your campaign

Publisher Profiles

Get to know developers quickly with Explorer's rich company information, app portfolio round-up, and employee directory.

Complete portfolio

See a publisher's full app portfolio, across all stores, categories, and price points.

Company details

Get to know companies quickly website and social media links, team size, and more.


See where app developers are located for easy filtering.

Employee Directory

Access publishers' employee directory to get names, emails, titles, roles, and departments.

Store Data

Get a complete view of an app's marketing data, including its category, lastest update, monetization strategy, country availability, and much more.

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