๐Ÿ“บ Live ASO Session: How to Borrow Keywords from Competitors

Ariel Ariel

The best way to learn how to do App Store Optimization right is by doing. At least that's how I learn best. That's why I publish weekly App Teardowns.

In our third Live App Teardown Session I focused on how I find new keywords and benchmark performance by looking at the competitive landscape, step by step, applying each to real apps belonging to audience members.

What I went through:

  • How to find your ASO competitors, which may not be who you think of when it comes to competitors.
  • How to establish a benchmark of downloads to know who's going to be easy/hard to beat.
  • How to look at all competitors' keywords and identify keyword gaps and keyword opportunities.

In the recording I showed how to do all of these, in real time, across the App Store and Google Play, with Headspace and Simply Piano.

Give it a watch and keep an eye out for the next live session.

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