Twitter's In-App Revenue Grew in June, But Not By Much...

Ariel Ariel
Jul. 8

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June is now behind us, and unlike the months leading up to it, June was substantially quieter for Twitter. Elon slowed down his use of the platform, there was very little bickering, and it felt like the news cycle moved on for a moment.

But, is quiet good for the bottom line?

As I've done in previous months, let's have a look at Twitter's in-app revenue and how it compares to previous months.

Numbers first - Twitter ended June with net revenue of $439K, according to our estimates. This is net which means after Apple and Google take their 30% fee.

Twitter's in-app revenue has frown by double digits nearly every month since it started monetizing, but June's increase marks a departure from that. While June's total isn't lower than May's, it's only barely higher. And by barely, I mean just about 1%.

Have you heard the saying "no news is good news"? That doesn't seem to be the case for Twitter. But really, I think the reason for this lackluster growth isn't just about the uncertainty surrounding Twitter but rather about its lackluster paid offering.

Not much has changed from last month, and that was already pretty dry... Nearly every other social platform is doing more to monetize, and Twitter's inability to do that is its biggest enemy.

I hope that changes, and fast!

By the way, if you're comparing these numbers to last month's report and thinking these are way too high, that's because last month I looked at revenue in the US, while this month I've expanded the report to include global revenue.

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