The Highest-Earning Apps in September

Ariel Ariel

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This week I ranked the highest-earning apps in September in the US, where much of the money is. And I'm happy to report things are pretty consistent.

Maybe happy isn't the right word, but things are definitely consistent.

The highest earning apps in the US in September

HBO Max was the highest-earning app (aka. non-game) in the US. According to our App Intelligence, it brought in $51 million of net revenue in September. Pretty much the same as August, an indication that growth and churn are somewhat even.

TikTok and YouTube continued their rivalry, but unlike last month, TikTok had the upper hand in September. The two are very close, though.

Before you tell me the two are totally different - I know! But attention spans are mutually exclusive, so spending time in one likely means not spending time in the other, and revenue is a good proxy for where people spend their time.

The other rivalry of the highest-earning list, Tinder and Bumble, is getting closer, too. I'm going to go deeper into dating apps below.

And lastly, pun not really intended, LinkedIn managed to squeeze into the #10 spot overall. Again. But with slightly higher revenue.

We estimate that together, the top 10 highest earning apps in the US brought in $324 of net revenue, meaning after Apple and Google take their share, in September. A tiny bit higher than August, which isn't enough to get excited over.

FYI - Our revenue estimates are not a multiple on downloads but rather estimates of revenue. That's how we keep the accuracy high.

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