Twitter Blue Launched in Japan - How Many Subscribed?

Ariel Ariel
Mar. 3

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February is behind us, which means it's time to look at Twitter's mobile revenue! Actually, not this week - I want to look at a specific slice this week.

Twitter Blue launched in Japan on January 11th and costs just a little less than what it costs in the US. Like the US, the price on the App Store is a bit higher than the price of subscribing on the web.

I don't know why Apple isn't saying anything about that... I mean, I get it... But still.

How many mobile subscribers did Twitter add in Japan?

According to our App Intelligence, Twitter earned $150K of gross revenue from the App Store in January. And that's gross, meaning what users paid, and before Apple took its fees.

That's not a lot, and I'm being nice. But that has been the case with Twitter's revenue ever since Blue launched, so it isn't a surprise. It really is hard to get people who used the service for free and see the service as free to pay for something they don't necessarily need.

Backing out the number of subscribers from a single total is a challenge, but I'm going to try it anyway because I'm curious about the scale of adoption. At a rough cost of $10/mo, we're looking at about 15,000 subscribers in month one.

Although not nearly as high as its US numbers, which got close to $2M of net revenue in December, this is a good start for Blue in a non-English speaking country.

Twitter expanded into more countries in February. I'll look at that and at its top-level numbers in the near future (so make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter).

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