Five Months In, CapCut Is a Bigger Threat to Video Editors Than Expected!

Ariel Ariel
Mar. 17

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I've been following the rise of CapCut, TikTok's video editing app, for quite a while now.

CapCut launched as a free app back in 202 and quickly became a threat to an industry that was generating millions.

A few months ago, CapCut introduced a new Pro subscription that adds more editing features + the ability to store more creations on its cloud.

CapCut's revenue crossed a big milestone in February, just five months into its paid subscription.

Let's have a look at the numbers.

In February, CapCut's net revenue from the App Store rose above $1M for the first time ever, growing 25% month-over-month.

Looking at the competition, CapCut isn't in the lead yet. Splice, the leader, generated over $4M of net revenue from the App Store in February.

But the range between the two isn't as wide as it seems. GoPro Quick, VideoLeap, and Prequel, popular video editors that rank below Splice and above CapCut, made under $2M of net revenue in February, according to our App Intelligence.

Given CapCut's downloads far outpace all of those competitors, it's only a matter of time until it'll outpace their revenue. And once it does there's no going back.

Unless TikTok gets banned in the US and then everything will change. But that's a big if...

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