A Closer Look at Monopoly GO's First Million

Ariel Ariel

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A new Monopoly app rose to the top of the App Store recently. That's Monopoly GO from Scopely.

This isn't the first, and probably not the last, app to bring the classic game to your phone. There are 14 other apps by that name on the App Store and 58 on Google Play. All are available to download right now, so there's some variety.

The latest one just crossed a milestone, and quickly.

Since launching on the 12th, officially, Monopoly GO has made its way into 1.8M iOS devices, according to our estimates. The majority, 35%, were in the US, and the rest are spread across big countries in Europe for the most part.

The game is free to download with in-app purchases, and according to our estimates, those have earned Scopely $680K of net revenue since the official launch, and $1.6M since launching in test markets late last year.

The game itself stays true to the Monopoly you know from the box but with social features, and thanks to the IP it has + a simple but solid AS strategy, it's the #1 result for the keyword "monopoly".

It's a mistake to underestimate the power of organic discovery. A mistake Scopely hasn't made in this case.

Scopely, the publisher of Monopoly GO, has been in the news recently for being acquired for what feels like an astronomical figure. I don't think that is why Monopoly GO is successful - the brand is plenty on its own.

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