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Apple Music Classical went live on Google Play in late May, two months after the iPhone version launched on the App Store.

The iOS release was fairly successful with 1.4M new downloads in its first week in the App Store, according to our estimates. The Android release was... smaller.

Our App Intelligence shows that in its first week on Google Play, Apple Music Classical was downloaded 13K times in the US and globally. K not M.


This is a big difference but I'm not too surprised. Everything Apple on the App Store gets attention and sparks curiosity. Even people who don't care much for classical music probably downloaded the app from the App Store as it hit the #1 position for a few hours.

That's rarely the case for Apple on Google Play.

And in general, classical music is not a very popular niche on either the App Store or Google Play. There are not many competitors, and those competitors are seeing very few downloads.

Looking at the latest trend, Apple did manage to make some noise over the last few weeks, which drove Android downloads to meet and beat iOS for a few days. Four days, to be precise.

One important thing to note is geography. On the App Store, Apple Music Classical's biggest market is the US. It was responsible for 42% of downloads so far in June.

On Google Play, the US is 3rd with a 14.7% share. Brazil (16%) and India (14.8%) are Apple Music Classical's top markets.

This isn't unique to Apple. The US is rarely the leader among downloads on Google Play and rarely with as much of a share. It's important to keep that in mind if you're a developer publishing on Google Play.

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