Pokemon Sleep Crosses 2,000,000 Downloads

Ariel Ariel
Jul. 28

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Snorlax is a sleepy Pokemon and also the icon of a new app, not a game, that uses the Pokemon brand to track your sleeping habits.

Why sleep tracking?

Easy answer, and I bet you can guess what it is if you've been reading for a while - Money!

Let's have a look at Pokemon Sleep's launch and how it compares when it comes to revenue.

Pokemon Sleep rolled out several weeks ago and has already been downloaded 2M times, according to our estimates.

As an app, Pokemon Sleep feels like a fairly traditional sleep tracker with a very slow onboarding that's sure to annoy anyone who isn't into Pokemon. I read through it but only as research. But once you get through the intro, it offers the features you'd expect, directly competing with popular apps like ShutEye and Sleep Cycle.

Since its release, Pokemon Sleep has led in downloads and revenue.

After 10 days on the App Store and Google Play, Pokemon Sleep earned $686K of net revenue, which means what's left after Apple and Google take their fees.

ShutEye and Sleep Cycle earned $529K and $468K in the same 10-day period, respectively, according to our estimates.

The totals are similar but when looking at the trend, which started slow but rose to an average of more than $120K/day vs. $45K/day for the competitors, it's clear Pokemon Sleep is now the leader.

The real question is whether Pokemon Sleep is taking away market share from those competitors or if it will grow by catering to Pokemon fans.

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