Monopoly GO's Revenue Doubles in July Hitting Record Highs

Ariel Ariel

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Monopoly Go is one of the fastest-growing mobile games right now. If you're not familiar, Monopoly Go is a mobile version of the ageless game of Monopoly but with social features.

The game has seen downloads grow at a rapid pace from day one, which I'd expect from a company like Scopely, but what's more amazing is the speed at which revenue is growing.

I wrote about it when it came out in April noting its growth, but when I saw it at the top of the US App Store's grossing list I just had to look at it again and the numbers are just massive!

Monopoly Go earned its first $1M of net revenue from the App Store and Google Play during launch week. It took it 3 more days to reach the $2M mark, 2 more days to $3M, and after a total of 16 days, the game reached $5M in net revenue.

At the end of May, the game started earning $1M of net revenue every day, and earlier in July, Monopoly Go crossed the $2M per day mark.

And we're not talking monopoly money here.

I wasn't surprised to see Apple Search Ads being a component in the game's user acquisition strategy, and the scale is massive.

According to our Apple Search Ads Intelligence, the game appears in more than 11K paid keywords on the App Store. Like SHEIN, the keywords are really all over the place and include lots of similar games, misspellings, and a whole bunch of seemingly random keywords which may be a result of a broad match or smart match campaigns (like "adorable pets" and "make quiz").

According to our estimates, to date, all of this effort has earned Scopely $135M of net revenue. And while the App Store was responsible for more revenue, the distribution was much closer to half each than most other apps and games.

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