Snapchat's Mobile Revenue Takes a Plunge in February

Ariel Ariel
Mar. 15

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Last time I looked at Snapchat's mobile revenue it was growing at an astounding rate, far surpassing X. That was back in December. Let's see if the new year was as kind to Snapchat as the last.

According to our estimates, Snapchat earned a total of $21M in net revenue -- what Snap gets to keep after Apple and Google take their fees -- in February.

That's a pretty nice number, but it's just a smidge lower than November's total of $22M and a bunch lower than January's $24M.

Up until November, Snapchat's revenue has only declined once but since it's been up and down multiple times.

But there's good news. A quick back of the napkin calculation shows Snapchat Plus has around 7.4M subscribers. The real number might be a bit higher when adjusted for annual subscribers, but even at this level, that's a lot of paying users!

Given its young audience, I fully expect churn to be high and not to see many annual subscriptions, which isn't helping. That's probably why we're seeing high variance between months.

So far, Snapchat Plus' growth was mainly driven by features. So the question is, what's coming next?

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