Winners be Winning - The Highest Earning Apps in April

Ariel Ariel
May. 10

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I crunched the numbers and rounded up the highest-earning apps in the App Store and Google Play in April, and much like downloads, April was pretty stagnant...

Actually, that's not exactly true - Unlike downloads, revenue was very stagnant.

Let's have a look at the lists:

TikTok was the highest-earning app in the world in April. Hot on the heels of a possible US ban and a counter lawsuit, the controversial platform continues a big revenue run that started in late 2023. April's estimated $192 net revenue haul isn't the most it's earned recently, but is still significantly higher than the same time last year.

YouTube, Disney+, Tinder, and Max round out the top 5 in April - the same list as March, in case you were comparing. All saw a small increase in revenue in April except for Disney+ which dropped a teeny tiny bit.

Now that we've covered the incumbents, I want to turn your attention to the bottom of the list. That's the only area that changed in April.

Duolingo, now #7, rose from #10 thanks to a tiny revenue increase. Tencent Video and Google One are fresh names on the list. And it's important to note the former's rank is only based on revenue from the App Store because Google Play isn't available in China and that's the only place the app is available. Google One is available across both platforms but makes almost all of its revenue from Google Play.

Having these two on the list is pretty impressive.

Together, the top 10 highest-earning mobile apps in the world added $763M of net revenue to their bottom lines, according to our App Intelligence. A bit less than March's total, but still trending much higher than last April. That's a great sign for app developers.

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