AI Brings the End of Homework As We Know It

Ariel Ariel
May. 17

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Most kids don't like homework. I say that from experience, and AI has been one of the biggest headaches for teachers over the last year as kids try to "optimize" homework.

Up until recently, that was only a problem for teachers dealing with text, but new apps aim to bring the headache to math teachers too with easy to download apps that solve math homework with a single picture.

And these apps are getting very popular.

I came across two such apps when scanning the top apps lists and was surprised at how many downloads they're getting.

The two we're going to look at are Gauth and Question.AI, both can solve a wide array of questions - from math to history and writing, simply by taking a picture of the question.

Some would call this convenience, others cheating.

In numbers, the pair already made its way into 15M devices through the App Store and Google Play this year, according to our estimates. Question.AI seems to be a bit more successful on Google Play than it is on the App Store and Gauth is almost perfectly balanced.

Compared that to just 2.8M downloads in the same period last year, that's an increase of 421%.

Revenue for the pair has also grown. Last week, the two earned an estimated $200K of net revenue. Our App Intelligence is showing the two earning $2.5M of net revenue this year!

This is a trend that will likely end itself. Ultimately, these are all things the native ChatGPT app can do, and as more developers discover how lucrative this is, more apps will be released and competition will balloon because the core technology is easily accessible.

That said, I have been saying for a long time that ChatGPT's magic is better shown through tools instead of a textbox, and these apps prove that point. So if you do want to try and ride this thin-wrapper AI wave, make sure you're building tools and not a textbox.

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