Royal Match Takes Off

Ariel Ariel
1 minute read 10/22/21

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One game has been slowly climbing the money mountain in the U.S., and that's Royal Match. Matching games do very well, so that's not a surprise. But Royal Match is doing exceptionally well and fast.

Our estimates show that since launching in March, Royal Match earned $55 million in net revenue in the U.S. alone. $11M of that came in September.

That's not the only impressive data point. Since March, the game has been averaging double-digit month-over-month growth. The growth slowed down in September to around 6% but considering back to school, that's not as surprising.

Where's all that money coming from? Paid user acquisition. Also known as ads. Our ad intelligence is showing more than 300 unique creatives spread across multiple ad networks, including Unity, AdMob, and AppLovin. But ads don't necessarily translate into revenue. Acquiring users is about downloads. Getting those users to pay is a whole other story, one that the king seems to be doing quite effectively.

Paid user acquisition is in a bit of a weird spot right now because Apple is actively making it harder to keep things cost-efficient with App Tracking Transparency. But recent consolidation in the space and the evolution of modeled attribution will likely help steer things back to where they used to be not too long ago.

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