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How can I link my Google Play account without sharing my private credentials?

We recommend that you create a read-only sub-user in your Google Play Developer Console dedicated exclusively to your Appfigures account.
This way you won't have to share your personal credentials, which most likely have access to sensitive features we don't need access to (such as banking information and control over your apps).

We require credentials because Google does not provide any other way for us to connect to Google Play (such as OAuth).

If you already have a set of credentials for your Google Play Developer Console go ahead and link your account by visiting Account settings → Linked Accounts → Link an Account.

Creating a sub user in the Google Play Developer Console

To create a sub-user, start by logging into your Google Play Developer Console. 

FYI - You'll need to have admin privileges to continue with this process.

  1. Click Settings → User Accounts & Rights.
  2. Select Invite new user at the top of the page.
  3. Give the sub-user and email that isn't your main email but you have access to, or your pre-generated Sync+ address. If you don't have access to another email click here.
  4. Set Access expiry date to Never.
  5. Set the role to Finance. This role provides read-only access to reports without the ability to manage your apps or banking information. It's important to leave View app information checked and the Permission scope remains set to Global.
    The invitation form should look like this.
  6. Select Send invitation.

Google will send an email to the address you provided. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the setup.

When setting up your password we suggest using a complex password since you won't really have to remember it after entering it into your Appfigures account.

Once the account is ready head back into your Appfigures account and into Account settings → Linked Accounts → Link an Account.

Plus Addressing

If you don't have a separate email you can use Plus Addressing, a feature most email providers support that lets you append any string to your email before the @ symbol and still delivering the email to your regular inbox.

For example, if your email, you can use as the email for your new sub user. You will still receive all emails in your regular inbox, but to Google this will look like a unique address.

Learn more about plus addressing