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Why is my email report late, or missing data?

If your Appfigures account is linked to only one external account then your email report is pretty straightforward. As soon as we see that data has been published, we will import it into your account and send you the accompanying email report.

If, however, your Appfigures account is linked to more than one external account, then you’ll likely receive your email report at a less predictable time each day. This inconsistency occurs when external accounts release their data at different times.

Once we’ve successfully synched the first data available we will wait a few more hours to see if we can grab the rest of your data. If we can get all of the data, then we will send out the complete email report. If, after waiting a few hours we still haven’t collected the other data, then we will send out your email report with whatever data we do have.

For this reason, if you have several linked accounts and want to receive your email reports ASAP, we suggest that you create several email reports—one for each external account. By setting yourself up with multiple email reports you’ll ensure that you will get your data as soon as it becomes available!