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I just linked my App Store Connect account, however, I can only see the last 365 days of daily data, why is this?

iTunes Connect retains a limited number of daily, weekly, and monthly reports. When you link your iTunes Connect account, we'll attempt to sync as many reports as we can get, but depending on when your app went live we may not be able to get all historic data.

A different number of reports is available for each granularity:

  • Daily: 365 days*
  • Weekly: 26 weeks
  • Monthly: 12 months
  • Yearly: All

* Although daily reports are reported to go back a full year we've found out that reports for dates prior to November 27th 2014 are not available.

FYI - we never delete any reports from your account, so going forward you will always have access to all of your reports inside your Archive.