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How to link your Google Play account with 2-Step Authentication?

When linking a Google Play account you'll go through Google's standard 2-step authentication form. Once confirmed we'll be able to securely sync reports for your account.

Note about account-specific passwords: Appfigures connects to Google Play directly so an account-specific password isn't necessary.

Important note:

In most cases, your 2-step token will have no expiration. However, if your Google account is an administrator account, your link will only work for 30 days. This is a limitation forced by Google and means that every 30 days you'll have to login into your Appfigures account and update your 2-step token, which isn't ideal and may lead to temporary data loss.

We recommend that instead of linking your administrator account you create a sub user. That sub user may have 2-step authentication turned on, but because it isn't an administrator won't have the 30 day limitation.