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Usage Reports with iTunes App Analytics

iTunes App Analytics enables access to a set of in-app analytics metrics that's available natively for all iOS apps.

We import the following metrics from iTunes Connect:

  • Sessions - The number of times the app has been used for at least two seconds. If the app is in the background and is later used again, that counts as another session. Totals are based on app users who agree to share their data with you.
  • Daily active devices - The number of devices with at least one session during the day. Only devices with iOS 8 and tvOS 9 or later are included. Totals are based on app users who agree to share their data with you.
  • Sessions/device - The average number of sessions that were started on a single device in a day. When aggregated, the number represents the average across all days in the given range.
  • Crashes - The number of times the app crashed on a device.
  • App Store Impressions - The amount of times your app was viewed on the App Store which includes search results.
  • Product Page Views - How many times your app’s App Store page has been viewed (using a device with iOS 8 or tvOS 9 or later).

Visit the iTunes Analytics guide for more details.

What's great about iTunes App Analytics is that it does not require installing any additional SDKs and is available natively in all iOS apps. This means your reports will have data for your iOS apps without the need to link any additional accounts.

Important note: Data from iTunes App Analytics is only available from devices that have enabled sharing diagnostics data with the developer. This means that the data isn't representative of all of your users. You can read more here.