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Why can't I log into my account?

This user account is disabled

This error message is a result of a sub-user trying to log into a free account. Multi-user access is a premium feature and requires a paid account.

You can resolve this by having the account's owner upgrade to one of our paid plans.

This user is not active

This happens when a user tries to log into an account they once had access to, but the owner (or an admin) of that account disabled access for them.

To gain access contact the account's owner or an admin. Only they can re-activate access for your user.

This account has been suspended due to non-payment

This error message is a result of the account having an open balance for a long period. Until the balance is paid only the account's owner will be able to log-in so they can update the payment information.

This can be resolved by having the account's owner log in and update the payment information. If you'd like to pay by invoice please contact us.

You've attempted to login too many times

To prevent abuse, login attempts are metered. After 10 consecutive failures in one hour login will be locked for one hour.

If you need immediate access to your account after being locked out you may reset your password or contact us.

You cannot log into this account from this location

This error occurs when you attempt to log into an account that's using the Access Control add-on from a location that has been blocked.

To resolve this issue contact your account's admin and ask that your location be added. If you are an admin and you've locked yourself out accidentally please contact us.

The Access Control add-on enables account admins to specify locations from which access is allowed or to block access from specific locations. Learn more about the Access Control add-on →