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Logging in with Google

You can log into your account using your email and password as well as with your Google account.

To login with Google simply click the Login with Google button that's at the bottom of all login forms throughout the site instead of entering your email and password.

Here are some common questions and answers about this feature:



Do I now need a Google account to sign up for Appfigures

Nope. You can log into your Appfigures account with your email and password as well as with your Google account if you have one, as long as they're both using the same email address.

Can I log into my existing Appfigures account with Google?

Absolutely! Click the "Login with Google" button at any point to log into your account with Google, as long as your Google account and Appfigures account share the same email address.

What information does Appfigures get when logging in with Google?

When you log in with Google we collect your email and name so that we can to ensure you're really you.

We don't collect any other information about you and have any way to post to Google+ or interact with any other Google service on your behalf.

What information does Google get from Appfigures?

None. That's right, no information from your Appfigures account is ever passed on to Google.

Can I disable logging in with email/password

Yes, with an add-on. Our Grow plan offers the ability to require logging in with Google, making it SOX compliant.

Can I login with Google in the app?

Not yet. That's coming soon.

Can I log into Appfigures with Facebook, Twitter or Github?

Not yet, but it's something we're thinking about, but if you really want to log in with any other provider please let us know so we can prioritize it.

If your questions isn't on this list please get in touch and we'll be happy to help!