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Reimporting Reports

Very infrequently it may be necessary to reimport reports for specific days. We only suggest doing this in cases where it's known that iTunes Connect had issued incorrect data.

Note: Apple only makes one year of daily data available in iTunes Connect, so this process will not work if the report in question is more than a year old and will result in missing data.

Reimporting a report is a two-step process. First you remove the old report from the Archive, then re-sync it.

1. Remove the report from the Archive

  1. Navigate to the Archive
  2. Select the relevant account and date.
  3. Select the individual report by clicking the checkbox to its left
  4. Optional: Download a copy of the report for safe keeping
  5. Delete the report by clicking the "Delete" button at the top of the list

2. Re-import the updated report

Now, head on over to the sync page. Select the account in question and click the "Sync" button to start the syncing process. In a few minutes your data will be updated and available in your reports.