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Setting up Alerts with Slack

Alerts are a great way to stay in the loop without having to constantly look at your reports. You tell us what you're interested in and we'll slack you when it happens.

Creating an Alert

  • Log into your appFigures account → Reviews
  • Select the app(s) you want to get reviews for
  • Apply filters. If you want to only get a specific set of reviews (like crashes, or feature suggestions) apply any of the following filters to your report. You can filter by keyword(s), countries, or rating.
  • Select the language you want your reviews to be automatically translated into
  • Click on Create an alert
  • Select a frequency. As soon as possible means that we'll send an alert as soon as we see a new review. Daily Alerts are sent at 8pm EST.
  • Select Slack as your channel

Connecting to Slack

  • Click Link Slack account
  • If you're not logged into Slack you'll first need to log in with your Slack credentials (mention we don't see those)
  • Select your team
  • Click Authorize to close the popup and continue setting up your Alerts
  • Select the channel you'd like the Alert sent to. We currently support public channels and will soon be adding support for private channels and direct messages.
  • Click Create

Your Slack Alert is all set!

Questions and Answers

When will I receive messages?

Reviews are updated automatically in the background throughout the day (and night). When we see a new review for your app that matches your filters we'll send that review right away.

Can create more than one Alert?

Of course. You can create multiple alerts with different apps, filters, and actions. So you can send your crashes to your dev team and your awesome reviews to your marketing team.

How can I change the channel or team the Alert is sent to?

You can easily edit your Alert directly from the reviews page. Simply click the arrow that's in the "Create an alert" button and select the Alert you'd like to edit. Then, open the room selection list, or click on "change team".

How can I delete an Alert?

Similar to editing an Alert, find it from the Alerts menu in the reviews report and click delete. Deleted Alerts can't be recovered, so delete carefully. Measure twice, cut once.